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FIVATECH was founded in 2013 to design and develop innovative IT solutions in the field of transport. Its founder Antoine FIEVET worked for eight years at Alstom Transport in the Transport Information Solutions (TIS) branch. With this experience in the field of rail traffic supervision, he wished to reconcile his willingness for entrepreneurship with his business knowledge .

It is also the belief that the industry and "new technologies" could merge more than today that brought this business project. From the beginning, FIVATECH started to study web and mobile last technologies to gain experience in this fast growing industry. This dip in a culture where innovation is permanent will inspire the industrial tools of tomorrow.

The transport sector faces increasingly challenges. Number of passengers of mass-transit systems explode on all continents. Issues in terms of quality of service for passengers and energy optimization are significant and will require custom IT solutions. FIVATECH ambition is to provide solutions that enable operators to meet these new challenges.